About Us

AMITAFF Solutions’ history began 11 years ago when we decided to ensure both, companies and individuals, had access to accurate, consistent, timely, and affordable translation services. We have helped companies penetrate and grow their business in foreign language markets. 

We provide top-quality translation and localization services in a number of different industries. Our main focus is to ensure the quality, cost, and efficiency of our services to better help our customers. We make your business’ success in foreign markets a sure thing! 

And remember: "If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone".

AMITAFF also worked with the best software companies to provide you with the best SAAS services, we have created software for every industry that wants to expand their activities and hope to double or triple their turnover.
The SaaS development process covers the analysis of user needs, product vision outline, software features roadmapping, UX/UI design, architecture design and coding, testing and QA, SaaS deployment and further evolution.
We design a multi-tenancy architecture that helps a software as a service product withstand peak loads and seamlessly adapt to the growth and expansion of your business. With a large pool of SaaS developers, we can easily adapt to your project’s needs and ramp up the team at any time to meet a hard deadline.

AMITAFF combines the frequency of releases with high code quality and stability. To ensure fast and seamless deployment and environment integration, we follow Agile methodology and DevOps principles.